Lucky Star 18

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Now THAT'S cute

Now that's even cuter. :P

To quote what a talented fellow artist told me: Tsukasa is obedient like a dog, but her sister is lonely like a bunny!

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lucky star yuri fanfics hentai ds lulz

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Try Doki Doki Majo next time ;)

Two of the most recent search engine terms that have directed people to my blog are “lucky star yuri fanfics” (which I’m on the first page of… Amazing how after 19 episodes into its run, fanfics have already cropped out. o_O Or am I underestimating hawt yuri fanfic writers?) and “hentai DS” (um, yeah, not linking for obvious reasons). Apparently, my site doesn’t appear until after the 100000000000000000th page or so. Some people really have time on their hands, huh? (No, I will NOT make a masturbation joke. Those are getting quite old, I’m much too great of a person to do that…. Okay, I almost caved in.)

How I love the internet.

Mononoke 02

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This episode turned out to live up to the series being a horror anime. It was definately creepy – spirits of aborted babies, the history of the inn, not to mention the impied sex vision (o_O). This is where it starts to get some excitement, rather than “interesting enough to stick around”.

Definitely the most “recommended” anime out of the summer bunch.

… Yes, this was a rushed post.

School Days – How you *shouldn’t* have relationships.

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Here, we have a chronicle of how I came to hate Makoto, the lead character of School Days and the worst “protagonist” EVER.

Episode 1:
Here, we have a typical guy who is too much of a wuss to approach the girl he claims to like. We’ve all been there and done that, right? He’s actually bearable in this episode. Heck, I found myself relating to him in the first episode – at first I thought we were real similar. No hating yet.

Episode 2 :
So he makes a few mistakes here and there. Nothing to really hate about him, it would’ve given you the impression that he was just an idiot like a lot of people at the start of a relationship, not acknowledging the feelings of the person he claims to like. He’ll learn from his mistakes, right? WRONG. However, nothing to really hate about him in this episode either.

Episode 3:
What do we have here? At the end of the episode, Makoto says that “Having Kotonoha be my girlfriend… is starting to bore me“. What the f*ck? Totally came out of nowhere. They both had a good time at her house, playing with her little sister and even started to, you know, BUILD their relationship by referring to each other by their first names. Katsura even gave him a cute peck on the cheek at the end of their date! So how the f*ck would the relationship be tiring? Does he KNOW how hard it is to find a girl like that in this world? Very easy actually, when you actually give girls the respect they deserve and don’t think with your penis; not acting like a wh*re.

Episode 4-6:
So, here’s the start of how it is revealed to the world that Makoto cares nothing about an actual relationship, but cares more about full filling his own sexual gratification. Here’s the start of the frequent camera pans toward the characters’ breasts, which obviously represents where the mindf*ck Makoto has his eyes on.

I don’t know why these girls have SUCH an interest in him. One minute, he’s stalking and obsessing over Katsura, they get together and he has a wonderful girl who begins to love him very much – the next minute he’s having underage sex with the girl who he had no interest in initially and doesn’t even care about Katsura’s feelings anymore. The only reason he’s getting it on with Sekai is because she lets him violate her body to his hearts content. Horny bastard. He’s not likable at the least – he doesn’t even TRY to break up with Katsura after he started this bullshit. To think that Katsura was going to knit a Christmas Gift for him. Merry Christmas, loser.

I’m not all that fond of Sekai anymore either (I know, she’s cute, but…) – of course it isn’t entirely her fault, but why hook someone up in a relationship that you’re going to end up ruining PURPOSELY anyway? “Special training”? @$%@%132131. If that isn’t on purpose, then this anime is filled with idiots (which, when you think about it, isn’t all that crazy). Nice to see that she actually feels guilty about this whole thing though, unlike Makoto.

This isn’t to say I won’t give Katsura a hard time either, she made the biggest mistake ever by liking the guy in the first place (same goes for Sekai and Otome), denying anything suspicious when she saw Makoto and Sekai briefly at the train station.

At this point, I’m hoping for a bad ending. With either Katsura shanking Makoto (instead of Sekai), Katsura pushing Makoto off a building (instead of her committing suicide), etc. Any bad ending that doesn’t give Makoto a good one. Or better – Makoto LIVING in sadness with NEITHER of them. Everyone wins. 😀

To put it straight, this anime doesn’t even feel like a ROMANCE anymore. The camera constantly panning in and out of the characters’ breasts and their downstairs area just screams that there isn’t any real “love”. No Makoto, you don’t ‘love” Kotonoha or Sekai you misguided fool. All you want to do is shove your **** up their ******* and have them scream “もう 止めて!! いや!!”. Stick to fapping off to your pornography.

Wow. I’ve never hated an anime character like this before. And I mean it, I’ve never felt like jumping into a show and punching out a character this badly before. Probably has something to do with a jerk being the center of a ROMANCE anime.

Mononoke 01

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One screenshot should be enough for this scorching day

Another series that really stands out to me in the small batch of new anime is Mononoke. I have to say it’s one of the only ones that has captured my interests right at the first episode, the others sort of took time for me to take much more of liking to them – if I didn’t drop them entirely. I really liked the art direction for this one; it really looked traditionally hand-drawn and hand-colored as opposed to the other new series that make it obvious that the colors are computer-generated. And here’s the important part: the art direction fits really well with this series because a lot of the scenes look like Kaiga (Japanese paintings), which fits the time period and setting of the story. Haven’t gotten into the second episode yet, so I can’t really make a true comment on the story, but I will say say this: The Druggist is one of the most badass merchants ever. Plus, I really like the concept of a medicine merchant slaying spirits under certain circumstances. It’s all cool. (;

The series is a spin-off to Ayakashi (an anime series of three classic Japanese horror stories), which I’ve never watched. To make things clear – No, you don’t need to watch Ayakashi either to understand this series. The only character from that series that has a role in Mononoke is the Druggist, so it’s pretty much its own story. Just a little note there. (:

Lucky Star 17

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Highlight of the episode: Kagami’s very unlucky day. Obviously a Hiiragi driven episode!

I like it how the animation suddenly got a little KyoAni-increase, drama unfolded, and how Lucky Star suddenly turned into a sitcom during this whole event.

Also, another little something that I can relate to, Konata purchasing magazines from the very bottom. I can’t possibly tell you how much I’ve went to buy anime DVDs and taking the ones right in front in the shelves, only to find the outer plastic practically falling apart. Which is the reason why I try to make it a habit by taking DVDs behind all the other ones, the ones that are touched less by human hands.

Umm, yeah, that’s about all I have to say. Now it’s time for Tsukasa pics!

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I think we’ve found a winner.

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Tadanaga Tokugawa looks totally insane and sadistic in this anime, no lies.

Along with Mononoke, Shigurui has proven to me it’s one of the better anime this summer. The animation is incredibly fluid with detail, and as I thought the blood actually DID look quite… good. Brought to you by none other than MADHOUSE. As expected, it has a lot of barbarity and slaughter – quite a few of the scenes actually gave me quite a bit of a scare. I might not continue seeing how much of a wuss I am, but I won’t deny the high standard quality the show brings – the animation is quite excellent and the story isn’t half bad either.

Even if I may not, well, continually watch and write about it – first impressions are soon to come. Why, would you look at that, I already did!

OH SHI- Is that the dude’s trachea I see?! o_O Wow… ummm… beautiful? Barf.

HaruStar 16

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... and then Mikoto comes from behind and saves the day!

Hmm… Do perverts really just walk up to you and ask you for your picture? Sure, it’s polite, but…

(Wow. Tsukasa sure is submissive.)

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Let it ride…

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Saito x Louise Boat Make-Out

Saito almost scores on the boat with Louise. The beast.


Very funny episode, two thumbs up. Still, the novels are done way better – the anime still pales in comparision.

They turned Siesta into such a…


August 3, 2007 at 11:01 pm | Posted in anime, Shigurui | 6 Comments

This picture is somewhat unrelated to the post - but it’s a samurai, so…

I’ve decided to try my hand at Shigurui. I need some violent, naked samurai man-slashing action this season, gosh darnit!

I need other people’s opinions before going into that kind of series though – is it any good? I honestly will hold back trying it if it’s just some mindless violence.

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