Let's jam!

Name: Johnny Nguyen
Birthday: July 1st
Ethnicity: Vietnamese

今日は, 皆様!

Welcome to my anime blog, where I (an anime fan living in the pits of California) let out my opinions on general anime/manga things. I obviously really like anime to make a blog out of it (this blog previously resided at Blogger and then moved to this place, which isn’t too shabby. Currently waiting for an inevitable blog over at AnimeBlogger.net). I love your typical serious shows with a deeper meaning to them, but I also watch alot of girly shows along with totally random shows that would give you a “WTF” face. I have a hard on for romance titles. Once in a while, I may bring up something relating to gaming or Japan (such as J-Pop and J-Dramas, which includes some tokusatsu. Basically anything other than anime). I’ll try my best to reply to everyone’s comments!

In real life, I’m serious most of the time in which my friends and the people that know tell me to be more livelier. But don’t be afraid to talk to me! I’m much more random, hyper, and enthusiastic on the internet (yet still keeping some of that serious aura… somewhat). Until next time… アディオ!


Past helper (s):

Name: Steven Le

Anonymous does not forgive.


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