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August 19, 2007 at 11:55 pm | Posted in anime, potemayo | 3 Comments

I just finally got around to watching Potemayo and I’m left wondering… What in the world is that thing?

Okay, this series is based of a yonkama about a mysterious creature, who a boy named Sunao Moriyama finds and names “Potemayo” (after a snack that he ate). Potemayo soon follows him everywhere and she starts to get popular with his classmates. Another strange creature with a scythe, which one of Moriyama’s classmate names “Guchuko”, appears and more weirdness ensues.

Apparently Potemayo is very protective of Moriyama and proclaims that he is hers in her strange, strange language – even going as far as attacking a girl named Mikan Natsu, who has a crush on Moriyama. She has like some sort of bat-like sonar that detects whenever Mikan talks about Moriyama with a “doki doki”-ish tone.

Strangely, I thought of Kazumi from Shakugan no Shana when I saw and looked at Mikan. Maybe because she has the same voice actress? Or is it because of the hair?

A whatever-ever-it-is violently cutting stuff up and taping them back together with masking tape? Imagine real villains making a dramatic entrance and then doing that. Strange, yet amusing.

And it can shoot laser beams?! Seriously, WHAT ARE THESE THINGS?! ^^;;

We also get a very nice scene of a chicken taking a little poop. With sound-effects too. Is that not amazing?

This show seems to be surprisingly cute and funny! And at the same time: equally strange. It’s totally random at times like that dead pig appearing in the classroom. (; All in all, good show. Not laugh-inducing, but it did give me a smirk or two (I mean, Potemayo wet the bed while Moriyama was sleeping. Pretty funny stuff.).



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  1. Nice overview; I haven’t watched any of Potemayo yet, but based on what you said, I might just have to check it out. Seems like it could be good for a few laughs.

  2. The dead pig is a present from Guchuko (her way of showing appreciation). And the weirdness continues.

  3. Yeah, it’s one of those, but it’s a pleasant distraction that gives me some laughs. Sunao is a really reserved main character. At first I thought it was creepy but then he grew on me. The girl who named Guchuko is cool–even a dead pig left to her as a present doesn’t faze her!

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